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Right now, we have a CG30DK Three manual drawstop, a Q285 Two manual drawstop plus an L226 2 manuals and pedals stoptab. All come with external speakers

We no longer offer Viscount Organs for hire. Partly because we are no longer agents, but also because of the new Health and Safety  Regulations regarding Noise at Work. With Allen organs , we have diffusers to help reduce the high frequency exposure and we supply more speakers, each one running at lower levels, to keep the exposure to players and singers within safe limits. We cannot do this with Viscount, or indeed any other make of organ.

Everything from concerts, to weddings, recording sessions, we'll supply a suitable instrument.

In addition, we have an orchestral celesta, harpsichords and various portable keyboards. In fact, whatever your needs, contact us and we'll do our best to find the right instrument for the job

Our service covers the whole country.

With the exception of weddings, almost all our business is repeat business. We have over 30 years experience and can supply the right instrument for the job.

Live shows, weddings, you only get "one shot" at it. So it has to be right first time.

Contact us on 01306-730277

or                   07831-858999  (Peter)         07970-950361 (Simon)